Hobo: Shit, I’m jus’ tryin’ ta get me some pussy and a beef sandwich. –Union Square Overheard by: Jason K Old bag lady: I’m looking for some change, some food, or a sexual partner. –Lafayette & Great Jones Hobo: I have something to say! I fucked your daughter! And she liked it! And she was tight! –W. 4th & University Overheard by: Snezhana Valdman Hobo: Too many Police investigations stopping you from reaching your destination? I may be homeless, but I got a brain. It may not be a big brain, but it’s usingable! –Staten Island ferry Overheard by: Joel Guilbert Hobo: Well, since you won’t give me money, one more thing. Has your sister or girlfriend, I don’t know who she is, ever told you that bag does not go with that coat? –45th & 9th Overheard by: Paul Schellenberg Drunk hobo: Hey girl! You look like Aretha Franlin! R-E-S-E-C-P-T! R-E-S-E-C-P-T! Give me some respect! –Union Square Overheard by: Evan Hobo: It’s 90 degrees out. Why are we wearing clothes? That’s mental illness. –Rockefeller Center station