Jersey girl: There is no way Anna Nicole lost that weight on TrimSpa. She’s obviously smoking crack. –4 train Chick: Yeah, she’s trying to put back on the 10 pounds she lost during her little crack experimentation. –Rivington & Allen Overheard by: Josh Mueller Crackhead: I had never seen anybody smoking crack. I had no idea what it looked like, somebody smoking crack. Until my uncle. And you know, he changed my Pampers. –Fourth Ave & Dean Street, Brooklyn Overheard by: sparkle shortz Long-hair: Yeah, so for my birthday I just got myself a shitload of mescalin. And all I did was sit in my apartment all day, tripping my ass off. –14th & 8th Overheard by: debo Guy: I could have been an astronaut if i didn’t do so many drugs. Why
didn’t anyone tell me? –Pratt Institute