A car, stuck in traffic behind a garbage truck starts blowing its horn loudly and insistently. A nicely dressed lady shouts: Shut the fuck up, you moron! Haven’t you ever seen a garbage truck before? Fucking moron tourists. –W. 4th & Perry Bouncer: Next white boy lays hands on me, I’m gonna fuck him up. –West 3rd & MacDougal Overheard by: Todd Seavey Girl on cell: Yeah, well tell her I hope she gets a bladder infection! –Hot Bagels, Staten Island Overheard by: Renee Chef: As much as I like her, if she raises her voice at me one more time, I’m gonna fucking smack her. –Park Slope Old guy: Move, you drug addicted heathens! You’re all a bunch of sinners. Polluters! –50th & 6th Overheard by: Jeff Rigby Man on cell: Dude, why did we draw straws this morning?…Do you have any idea how much cat food costs?! That was my rent money!…Well, kick out the new guy! –Union Square Park A guy waiting to turn left across traffic leans out the window to scream at the clueless Ohio driver who is not moving in front of him: Hey Cleveland! That’s the only shade of green we got! –57th & Park Overheard by: Joan Quinn Chick on cell: Damn old ladies. Like, maybe Gandhi was wrong and the answer really is punching people in the face? –D’Agostino’s, 110th & Broadway Overheard by: djlindee