Mother: He played basketball in college but since he’s a white boy he’s got no rhythm so he wasn’t very good. –Chambers Street station Guy: Yo, shit ain’t no country called blacknasia or whatever the fuck you said. Black people a color not a race! –G train Overheard by: J-Mo Fat Black woman: You not letting me in? I been here for half an hour watching all these other girls just walk right by….what, you gonna let them in too?! That’s when I just gotta say, “Hey, that’s why I hate white people!” –Marquee, 10th & 26th Overheard by: Katie Guy: We need to Montgomery bus strike their asses. –190th Street station, rush hour Black guy: I was spook! I was spook. Now, not spook like my people or nothin’, spook like a ghost or a ghoul or some shit. –L train