A couple watched the fireworks. Wife: Oh my god! They was so close! I got ashes in my hair! Ashes in my face! They were all over the fucking place!
Husband: Too bad they weren’t shootin’ off corned beef! –Greenpoint Overheard by: Gurnsonian the Lesser Guy: The smell of fireworks always reminds me of fucking a dead hooker. –McCarren Park, Williamsburg Overheard by: Dan Stewardess: To all US citizens aboard this flight, happy 4th of July. We would like to thank England for divorcing us several centuries ago and giving us our independence! –JFK flight into Heathrow Overheard by: Jeanne Fu Girl #1: Are you able to go on your roof to watch the Macy’s fireworks?
Girl #2: I don’t even know if my building has a roof. –Brooklyn Heights Overheard by: Room 3 Girl on cell: How the hell am I supposed to know what time the fireworks start? Who do you think I am, America? –Cobble Hill Overheard by: Chris