California chick: I was doing ketchup commercials in fourth grade; imagine where I could be now. –Gatsby’s, Spring Street DVD bootlegger: Counterfeit? How can these be counterfeit products if they haven’t even made the real ones yet? –34th & 7th Girl: Ohmigod! She keeps sending me tea! She’ll send me tea but not money! I don’t need tea! I need money! She’s freakin’ crazy! –MailBoxes Etc., Columbus & 82nd Overheard by: Sophia Girl: That’s why I wanna take a business class, so my album can sell. –BMCC Overheard by: Goadster Street vendor: Rims, Rims…buy some rims. Don’t have to own a car to buy rims! –28th & 5th Overheard by: Larissa Kyzer Boy: Ladies and gentlemen, can I have your attention please? My name is Dante, and I’m not selling candy for my basketball team. I’m selling candy for myself, trying to get some cash in my pockets. –4 train Blockbuster girl: Well, Sideways is supposed to be totally good. It won a Grammy for Best Picture. –Astoria Blockbuster Overheard by: L.C.P.