Lady: Geez, what an adventure, huh? I mean, “grande ensalada”? I had no idea what I’d ordered until it came to the table! –55th & Madison Overheard by: Heather Hobo: She eats the cole slawwww. She likes the Pepsi, not the Coke! –Borough Park Russian lady: How many times do I have to tell you? Puerto Ricans don’t eat tacos. –Park Slope Overheard by: Jonathan Man: We have to stop here so I can eat. If we keep walking, I can’t eat in the rain. –23rd & Madison Woman: It’s spiritual. I only eat yak. –11th & A Overheard by: Lisa D Girl on cell: OK, well, get me as many cans of tuna as you can possibly carry. –Washington Square & East 4th Senior VP on phone: No, you can’t order Chilean sea bass anymore! They’re all bred artificially in ponds. The real ones are going extinct out of sheer deliciousness. –Madison Avenue office Woman: It’s too hot today for Indian food. Well unless, you know, you’re Indian. –17th & Park Overheard by: Robyn