Girl: …and I was crying! Because he told me I was so ugly. But then he said he was just being honest… –9th Street & 2nd Avenue Overheard by: Domi Guy: Hey Dave, remember the last time we were here, that security guard came up to you and asked if you needed medical attention because he assumed you got hit in the mouth with a baseball? –Yankee Stadium Overheard by: Michael Bull Cop: You couldn’t suck hard enough to give her a hickey. All the stubble broke the suction. –30th & 7th Teenage boy: Honestly! Why would anyone put spermicide on their face? –Bank Street Overheard by: Jon Gordon Mother: I can’t believe you like how Robin’s face looks. It doesn’t look like she’s wearing any makeup! She needs to wear makeup. –Sephora, 5th Avenue