Man: Did anyone else notice my mother’s leopard print panties? –1st Avenue & 10th Street Girl on cell: Stop stealing Grandma’s condoms, you know she needs them more than you do. Do you want another mother? –47th & 9th Mom: Rules are so hard to keep track of and enforce. So I just don’t make any. –Brooklyn Heights Mom: Do you know what mental illness is? It’s not fun. You should know. –F train Guido on cell: My grandmother tore him a new asshole! You know what she’s like. –Carroll Gardens Overheard by: Vic Payback Mom: Can we please watch the expletives? Did you hear what I said? Can we please watch the expletives?…Can you please stop giving me the finger? –LIRR Overheard by: CMichaels Mom: Get out of the elevator, I want to look at the Marc Jacobs crap. –Barney’s, Madison Avenue