Woman: This block has the best garbage! –2nd Avenue & 8th Street Girl on cell: We’ve already got plans again for this weekend. I’m really excited about this guy; he’s great. He’s really driven, really ready to succeed. He’s a doctor…No, not in real life, on TV. –57th & Lexington Overheard by: Heather White guy: That wasn’t the best day of my life, though. The best day was the day after my birthday when I recoverd my hard drive. –Astoria party Overheard by: Noah Starr Man on cell: I like them shoes with the ruffle. The ones you wore to the Olive Garden that one time. –Broadway & Prince Girl: In theory…I was going to end that sentence with, “the dolphins will be OK.” –7 train Overheard by: Amado Angel Lady: Well, he’s an ex-junkie, an alcoholic, mean-tempered, a practicing bisexual, and he has hepatitus C. But he’s a wonderful man and, as guys like that go, he does have great taste in jewelry. –Midtown office