Loudspeaker: Spirit Airlines is paging Islam Mohammed. Islam Mohammed, please report to gate B6 for an ontime departure. –LaGuardia Overheard by: Joe Helfrich Conductor: Ladies and gentlemen, in a crowded car like this, remember you only have two hands. If you notice a third hand in your purse or your pocket, I am sure your fellow passengers will help you get rid of the third hand. –A train Overheard by: Miss Babette Bus driver: First, next and last stop! –M104 bus Overheard by: Palaverist Loudspeaker: OK…The downtown E train is leaving…Close it up, close it up, close it up…downtown E train…close it up…now serving Wade, party of 2…Wade, party of 2. –E. 51st Street station Overheard by: Tim