Woman on cell: He wants a confetti cannon? A goddamned confetti cannon? No, I’m not…He is not getting a confetti cannon at the pier! I…Well, I like battery-operated dildos, but that doesn’t mean I’m getting one that shoots confetti all over the goddamned pier! –William & Pine Girl: So I told her, “I don’t think I’ve ever spooned with my mother before. No funny business.” –Penn Station Overheard by: ladolce Man: Make sure you lick it a lot, then just stick it in. I’m telling you, I know. I’ve had my finger up many straight guys’ asses. Remember? I was in a fraternity. –Prince Street rooftop Overheard by: LJ Chick on cell: I told that bastard I’d burn in hell before I fucked his ugly ass…in a nice way. –Fluffy’s Cafe, 7th Avenue Overheard by: Tabitha Graves Girl: The only part I liked is when they were fucking in the back. –7th Avenue & 13th Street Girl: …so I Googled the rash to find more information about it. His friend told me he got it from bumping and grinding, but I just wanted to make sure I was safe. –2nd Avenue & 4th Street Overheard by: Cathleen Stumps