Fat chick: Every single website, every newspaper, if it’s under
$200,000, it’s in China. –Starbucks, Astor Place Drunk guy: So, where would you want to get your gall bladder taken out: France or New York? –1st Avenue & 3rd Street Overheard by: Lisa H. Girl: Oh, look. It says, “I Heart Someone in Austin”!…Oh…with autism. Never mind. –W. 249th & Independence, The Bronx Overheard by: Bianca Townshend College girl: The real reason I went to San Francisco is that I wanted to go to Japan, but that was as far as I could afford. –14th Street 1/2/3 station Overheard by: Kevin Sheldon Girl:…so do you actually eat Lucky Charms in Ireland? –Wall & Broad Overheard by: David McG Guy: Is that a cruise ship? Oh no, wait. It’s New Jersey. –Sunset Park rooftop Overheard by: c dub