FishBowlNY chick: Not only do you blog about everything, you blog in five different blogs about everything. –Slainte, The Bowery Hipster guy: Everyone keeps asking me why I’m sad, and I’m like, “I’m not sad, I’m from New York.” –St. Mark’s between 1st & A Overheard by: Danny G. Woman: I have some friends, and they lived in Brooklyn all they lives, and they ain’t ever been to Kings Plaza Shopping Mall. They so limited! –5 train Tourist woman: Excuse me, can you tell me where the big apple is? –43rd & Broadway Overheard by: katie cunningham Woman: What I love most about New York is that wherever you go, in every neighborhood, there’s garbage on the curb. To me, that’s democracy. –University & 11th Lady: You never see girls wearing shorts in New York City unless they’re tourists. –57th & Broadway Guy on cell: Well I’m sorry, Princess, if New York doesn’t smell like a bed of roses! –Church & Worth Overheard by: Becka Dash NY Post guy: This boat is bootlegged! It won’t turn left! –Penn Station NY Post guy: Read all about it! Discovery shuttle is a bootleg…doesn’t work…can’t turn left. Read all about it! –Penn Station Overheard (correctly) by: Toon