Girl on cell: Yeah…he was big. Real big. Like…it hurts big. I’m talking anaconda. –72nd Street 1/2/3 station Overheard by: Jennie S. Man on cell: I’m tired, man! I been working all week. Do I have to sign the paper with my dick?…No, I’m not complainin’. –84th & 2nd Lady: Yo, it smells like dirty dick over here. –Dakota Roadhouse, Park Place Overheard by: Courtney C Guy: Just because you’re hot and sweaty doesn’t mean you can’t have your cock hangin’ out on a Friday night. –Houston between Eldridge & Forsyth Women: Why does every man have to stare at my tits? Like they’ve never seen none before? Haven’t they seen their Momma’s or their wives’ or their girlfriends’? The other day a man asked me if my tits were real, I said, “Is your dick real?”. –7th & 30th Chickon cell: Yeah, girl, he has a turtle dick. –M5 bus Overheard by: Orianna Baez Girl: Believe me, if I wanted your dick up my ass, I would have put it there myself. –SOB’s, Varick Street