Dork: Yeah, but he can spend all that money and gross like a billion dollars, but it’s totally gonna fuck up his legacy, man. Like that guy who was playing when Mozart was around, you know? Whatever happened to that guy? –Diner, Astoria Man: How could you do that to me on my birthday month? –5th between 19th & 20th Overheard by: Marci Kaufman Girl: When you look at a little person, don’t you just want to pick them up? –Union Square Overheard by: Melissa Wechsler Art Store guy: …the Army was really persistent. They said, “Oh, we always need artists in the Army.” And I’m like, “No, you fucking don’t! What am I gonna do, paint with the enemy’s blood?”. –New York Central Art Supply, 3rd Avenue Overheard by: tourist girl Lady: Excuse me, is this train going uptown or downtown? –L train platform, Union Square station Overheard by: Brenna Sinnott