Anorexia on cell: Oh, she died? From what?…Oh, that’s horrible. Well, everyone has to die somehow. –Coffee shop, Madison & 79th Overheard by: Julz Cab driver: Are you trying for die, bitch? –Taxi, Houston & Broadway Overheard by: Aaron Brumer Girl on cell: …and they took me to a psychic and the psychic said I’m, like, dead inside and that I have nothing going for me. –Broadway & Broome Guy: I’ll tell you what: I’ll kill myself, you don’t have to bother. –47th & 5th Woman on cell: Girl, you know I only gotta do two things: stay black and die. And I’m doing that real well. Staying black, I mean. –Karavas Place ladies’ room, W. 4th Street Girl: Oh, so I forgot to tell you about my ex who died last year. He drowned…this is a good story. –World Financial Center