Guy: It was a good night! We saw the parade…we got drunk…I made out with a pregnant nun… –Ben’s Pizza, Spring Street Overheard by: A. Yanishevsky Drunk girl: Hey, Red #2, where’s the rest of the pack?
Red crayon guy: Ooh, you’re a regular Dean Martin, aren’t you? –Puck Fair, Lafayette Street Guy on cell: Trick or treat, fucking witch! –20th & Park Overheard by: Pedro Lebron Guy #1: I know it’s Halloween and this is the West Village, but do you faggots have to block the entire sidewalk?
Guy #2: Oh go sit on a cock.
Guy #1: Yeah, you’d like that. –Christopher & Bedford Overheard by: Adam Nathan Chick on cell: Wait, wait, he put what where?…Uh huh…Well it was
Halloween last night…And then he did what? He ate it? That must have tasted like shit, literally! –F train Hipster girl: You know that guy Adam? That I….screwed? Well, he got arrested on Halloween for having a gun that looked like a gun. –Mercer & Waverly