Old lady: They are going to strike? They should put up signs fuckers! I see you looking at me you skinny bitch, fuck you.
Conductor: The doors are closing.
Old lady: Can’t put up signs but the fucker is telling me the doors are closing. –F train Hobo: Don’t worry about the strike, we’ll all fly to work! Flap our wings and fly! –14th & 7th Guy: I was there at the strike in 1980; I remember it well. It went on for two weeks. Of course, they could never have it that long now. The population of the city has doubled since 1980. –Bowling Green station Overheard by: greek goddess Conductor: Shit, I’ll get nasty right now. I’ll pull the brakes, see how they like that. –1 train Overheard by: Priscilla Castillo Tween boy: So how’s the strike going?
Bus driver: If there was a strike I wouldn’t be here, you moron. –M15 bus Overheard by: Sara’s Hot