Guy on cell: Yeah, is it Mother’s Day or something?…Oh, I think it’s either Mother’s Day or my mom’s birthday, and I wasn’t sure which…Are you sure it’s not Mother’s Day? Because there’s a lot of people walking around Penn Station carrying flowers. –Penn Station Overheard by: LiAps Guy: I’m gonna go over to D’Ag and get some groceries.
Girl: I think it’s closed.
Guy: Ugh! I forgot the whole world is in church today.
Girl: Shut up, you Jew. –Greenwich Hotel elevator, Greenwich Street Overheard by: Jen C. Chick on cell: You ate pizza on the first fucking night of Passover? Jesus Christ, you’re a bad Jew! –Marcy Avenue station Overheard by: katie, a princess Mom: I am so thirsty, I really would like a Coke. Only two more days ’til I can get one. Do you think this is how Jesus felt when he was in the desert for 40 days? –Union Square Regal Cinemas Overheard by: Audrey Girl on cell: I must’ve gained, like, 10 pounds after the two Passover seders I went to…and I still have Easter dinner to worry about!…What? No, I’m not having a religious identity crisis! –14th & University Overheard by: Amelia D Girl: So what’s with the 40 days of Lent thing?
Guy: Jesus walked the Earth for 40 days after resurrection.
Girl: Oh! So he was like a zombie! That’s so cool! –118th & Broadway Overheard by: a catholic Chick on cell: Dude, let’s go to church before we get fucked up. It’s fuckin’ Easter, you know! –Fulton & Nassau Mom: But it’s Easter!
Chick: I’m not religious.
Mom: Yes, you are.
Chick: Plus, I’ve already been to two seders this week: one on Wednesday and one on Thursday. We made latkes, they were really good!
Mom: Yeah, and you also made those potato pancake things. –Paprika, St. Marks Place Overheard by: lish Manager lady on phone: Hi, there…. Oh, I’m just sitting at my desk eating matzoh and turkey, and I’m just bitter. Just very, very bitter. What a stupid holiday! Anyway, how are you? –Office, 37th & Broadway Overheard by: Jillynyc Girl on cell: C-Town doesn’t sell matzoh, I guarantee it. Just fucking rice and beans everywhere…What? You’re not eating bread for the whole week?…Didn’t you just tell me you made a ham?…Oh my god, your mother would fucking have a heart attack. –Metro-North train