Deli guy: You can’t have that dog in here. Lady: But he’s a service dog! Deli guy: What? We’ll get a ticket if you have a dog in here. Lady: He’s a service dog. He’s just like a seeing eye dog. Deli guy: What is he, a chihuahua? A poodle? He’s not a seeing eye dog. Lady: He’s a Pomeranian! And he’s a service dog! He even has a little vest, do you need me to put him in his little vest? Deli guy: He look like a rat with a wig on. Lady: He’s a service dog! You can’t make me leave! He’s just like a seeing eye dog! Deli guy: But you’re not blind! Lady: I could sue you if you make me leave! I’ll put him in his little vest, then you’ll see! –Bagel Mill, 88th & Lex Overheard by: Loretta P.