Thirtysomething woman: You used to go to Disney World too? I LOVED that place.
Thirtysomething man: Yeah…What was the name of the part with the big carousel? You know, something Square…it was like the center of the park.
Thirtysomething woman: I don’t know…
Thirtysomething man: Tiananmen Square? Was that it?
Thirtysomething woman: Yeah! That sounds familiar.. –R train Headline by: Pam
· “ really does work!” – katie andrews
· “Even less fun than Euro Disney” – MattyQ

Honorable Mentions:
· “Little known fact: Mao Zedong had a season pass” – Colleen Kerney
· “Where the rides are worse then the lines” – Mark Manne
· “Yeah, that part was a riot” – Skepna
· “No, No, Universal is NEXT DOOR” – Katie
· “He looked it up on” – Ingwall
· “And people were dying to get in” – Melanie Mahoney
· “Mickey Mao’s Club” – Dave Barnette
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