Girl: Is he gay or just Scottish?
Guy: Scottish. –29th & 7th Overheard by: Mike Chmiel
Headline by: cdogg Davis
· “Aye, What Do Ye Mean, “Just” Scottish?!” – Tim
· “He Could Be Gay On His Mother’s Side” – Dave Barnette
· “But he runs like a Welshman” – Todd
· “Braveheart: The Director’s Cut” – Sam Donsky
· “Larry, Queen of Scots” – Dennis
· “He has a queer accent…” – kenton
· “Have any Scottish in you?” – lizzie
· “Love that wiggle when you walk away” – sumbum
· “It’s funny because it’s true” – this guy
· “He was just Scottish in college” – me
· “The sheep aren’t safe either way” – Chris Crossland
· “The Ambiguity between European and Homosexual Continues….” – Rebecca O
· “Failure to recognize the intersection of overlapping sets prepares to claim two more victims” – Trey Givens
· “French Men Can Now Relax” – Jaffney Roode
· “That’s no way to talk about your mayor. And besides, he’s Jewish.” – Yehuda Berlinger
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