Teen boy: So I was watching one of those independent channels, and I saw this weird movie called Jesus Christ Superstar. Have you heard of it? It’s from the 70’s, so the camera work is really bad, but it’s not in black and white or anything. The best part is that Herod is all big and fat and he sings this funny song, like, “You’re the king of the Jews!” It’s a pretty funny movie. You know, except they, like, kill Jesus at the end. –Q train Overheard by: A White Bear Girl: You know, I don’t think Jesus ever asked Mary Magdalene to kiss his balls. –1849 Bar, Bleecker St Drunk guy: Jesus saved me already, you fucking cunt! –Park Slope Overheard by: braincurve Chick: Whatever. I could’ve annihilated Jesus at beer pong. –Trump Building, Wall St Overheard by: You know who Girl on cell: Listen, the only ass I kiss is Jesus Christ. Got that? –Key Food, 235th St Overheard by: Miriam