Mother, to little girl: Hold on to the pole, honey, but keep your tongue away from it. It’s filthy! –Downtown 2/3 train Overheard by: Chad Father, to five-year-old son: No, Jake, don’t eat the watch…Time flies, but it doesn’t taste good. –Metro-North train Overheard by: derkach Mother, to little girl in line for security X-ray machine: Take your muffin outta the box. If it goes through the machine, it’ll give you radiation. –LaGuardia Airport Overheard by: Reluctant Traveler Father, to crying son: Yeah yeah, life’s a disappointment. –78th & Amsterdam Overheard by: someone who agrees Tourist mom, to kids: Walk or die! Walk or die! Walk or die! –Times Square Overheard by: Scott Old white lady, to little Hispanic girl: You’re always tan…Everyone wants to be tan. –Queens bound E train Overheard by: Julz