Little boy, waiting in line to see “Bodies” exhibit: Are there gonna be rides? –South Street Seaport Little girl, playing with her inattentive mother’s cell: Nine… One… –Atlantic Center, Brooklyn Overheard by: wee e Little girl, humming to herself: Cat cat dog, I am a tree! Eeeee! Minute Maid Coke, I am a poodle! Eeeee! –Brooklyn bound Q train Little boy: Eddie, I like that torture a lot! –Dizzy’s, 9th St & 8th Ave, Park Slope Little girl: Mom, I am highly disappointed in the construction. –71st Rd, Forest Hills 3-year-old girl: Daddy, does this helmet make me look crazy? –13th & University Little boy: Simon says reach into everybody’s pants! –Waiting room, Mt. Sinai Hospital Overheard by: Jobee