Hipster on cell: Yo, eggplant can be vegetarian, right? –77th between 2nd & 3rd Overheard by: Anonymous Ambivore Middle-Aged woman: Damn vegetarians, always trying to take over the world. –Starbucks, 51st & Broadway Overheard by: Emaline Girl: Are bums allowed to be vegetarian? –Chipotle, 6th Ave between 21st & 22nd Overheard by: Rabid-Panda Guy: She’s vegetarian?! I thought she was an alcoholic? –B7 bus Shrewd observer: You’ve had way too much cock in your mouth to be vegan. –Outside The Lucky Cat, 245 Grand St, Williamsburg Overheard by: Constintina Shoeshine man to group of young people: It ain’t natural. Our bodies, they have the hormones to digest meat. If we were like a goat–and not to insult you, miss, ’cause you’re prettier than a goat–but then that’s okay that we don’t eat meat. But we ain’t. We’re carnivores. If you’re a vegetarian, you gotta listen to your body. It’s tellin’ you: “Meat me!” You know, like, “Meat me!” –Washington Square Park Overheard by: jacqmander