Woman, to her panting dog: It is so not hot out. Stop faking it. –Lafayette St, Fort Greene, Brooklyn Overheard by: Katherine B Woman, to her dog: Look, honey, a fire truck. Yes, dear, seeee? It’s a fire truck. –Clinton & Schermerhorn, Brooklyn Heights Overheard by: The Rat Businesswoman, to two kids sitting in front of her: I have a very tiny dog that I can fit in my bag. Isn’t that silly? She’s at home sleeping right now. She gets to sleep and I have to go to work. Isn’t that silly?…I’ll tell her you said, “Hi.” –4 train Overheard by: Hogan Woman, to her dog: Come on now, mister, one of us is going to pee or poo, and I have a feeling it’s not going to be me. –Brooklyn Heights Overheard by: Bradley Price Girl, to her sitting dog: Can I get you anything? TV? Cold soda? Foot rub? –Washington Square Park Overheard by: walking by