Girl: I want a Marc Jacobs bag, and I don’t care if it’s made of baby cow! –Outside the Met Overheard by: wants baby cow bag, too Guy, explaining his pants: Yeah, they look gay, but they make my junk look huge. –Midtown Man picking up trash to woman picking up trash: How you gonna make ten dollars an hour and have people making minimum wage looking better than you? –Madison Sq Park Shopaholic: I know! One time I thought there was more to life than that. But then I went back to Bloomingdale’s. –59th & Madison Overheard by: DM Cook Teenage girl on phone: So where are you?…So,what happened?…Not to your shoe! In the hospital! –Central Park Overheard by: concerned trespasser Cougar-in-Training, looking at non-trendy partygoers: Clearly they don’t belong here. –Rooftop party, the SoHo House