One mom to another, amidst a gaggle of small children: Tyson’s mommy has the best pot. –Hudson & Charles Overheard by: Matt and Mat and Jeffrey Ghetto woman with two young children: I need a joint. –103rd St & CPW subway station Overheard by: danzaboi Chick: Girl, I cannot stand living with my mom. She has this need to always be in my business. I come home from shopping, she wants to know what I bought. I mean, the other night, she was trying to tell me how to roll my weed! She was like, “You’re not doing it right.” Ugh! I’m like, “Mom, you just started doing this. Shut up, okay?” –1 train Overheard by: Lauren Drunk guy: You can’t use pot! Aren’t you on an Atkins diet or somethin’? –F train Overheard by: braincurve Future politician: My friend smokes weed, but he doesn’t do drugs. –14th & Ave B Yuppie woman: Whatever, it was just the smoking-pot equivalent of a cult. –8th Ave, Park Slope Hippie: Before you partake, you got to thank God for your marijuana. –8th & Broadway Overheard by: Glance Backer