Woman on cell: Wait, but he still has malaria, right?…Good. Go on. –Grove & 7th Overheard by: courtney clinton Frat boy: Wow! Herpes for a dollar; that sounds like a good deal! –108th & Broadway Overheard by: Alison R. Amateur historian: You know what was bad? Black Plague was bad. –Toast, Lafayette St Overheard by: Chris Faux-Boho gal: And he said, “I don’t understand how I have STDs and you don’t.” –N train Overheard by: Kelly Green Gay waiter: I’ll have to sterilize it and then burn it or it might give the fire an infection. –SoHo MTA employee: So I had a touch of pneumonia, and they had to remove part of my lung. I was coughing up Jello…But it was clear, so it was okay! –Q train, Newkirk Ave Overheard by: Ben Couch Hobette: Excuse me, ladies and gentleman, I’m hungry and I’m homeless. If you could please spare some money or some food, I’d appreciate it. Oh, and I have cancer. Have a nice day. –Downtown R train Overheard by: Kat