Brooklyn guy: All I’m sayin’ is it goes without sayin’. –Brooklyn bound D train Overheard by: Robert Barry Francos Hoochie on cell: I don’t want that. I’m looking for sauce. Sauce sauce sauce sauce sauce! S-A-U-S-C-E. Sauce! –Waldbaum’s, Whitestone, Queens Overheard by: Liz the Overheardista Teen girl: Do you think Christmas will ever be on Friday the 13th? –Times Square Woman in elevator: She said 13…Where’s 13? What the… fuck? There’s no 13. Should I press 12? Or 14? What?…She said 13. Well I’ll just press both. –22nd & Broadway Overheard by: staring at the button for 13 Elderly woman, regarding painting: Would you look at the detail he put into this. It almost looks two dimensional. –The Met Overheard by: s.gothman Tween boy: Did the dinosaurs come before or after Bible times? –Museum of Natural History Overheard by: Omg! He did not just ask that!