Man #1: Do you need help getting anywhere?
Momo #1: I dunno.
Momo #2: Umm, what’s that place? Penn something?
Momo #3: We need to go downtown to Grand Central Station.
Man #1: Oh, okay. You’re fine. You need to keep going uptown on this train.
Momo #2: Are you, umm, sure? ‘Cause it says we need to go downtown.
Momo #1: Maybe there’s more than one Grand Central, stupid.
Momo #2: Shut up!
Momo #1: Excuse me, is there more than one?
Woman: No, you ladies are fine. There’s only one, and you’re on the right train.
Momo #3: That’s so stupid. These directions told us we need to go downtown.
Momo #1: Yeah, like what’s up with that?
Man #2: It depends on where you start. If you were north of Grand Central you would have to go downtown, but if you were south of it you need to go uptown. Three momos stare vacantly at man #2. Woman: This is your stop, ladies.
Momo #2, walking off the train: This is probably the wrong Grand Central. –Uptown 6 train Overheard by: Beerinder