Girl on cell: Oh my God, my love handles are out of control. When I was getting ready tonight, my fat got caught in my zipper. –49th & 2nd Overweight girl: Guys don’t know what they’re missing. There’s some fine pussy under this gut! –Queens College Overheard by: Jimbob Watson Old Italian woman: If I die fat, whatever. Just as long as I make everyone else fat before I go, that’s fine. They can diet after I’m gone. Just keep my recipes is all I’m sayin’, ya know? –14th & 7th Overheard by: Dennis Guy: There should be more laws about people on planes. I once had to sit next to this really fat guy. He was so unapologetic about it! The rogue fat was spilling onto me. –G train Shrewd observer, commenting on NYU freshmen: They’re so ugly, and a lot of them haven’t started smoking yet so they’re really fat. –St. Mark’s & 3rd Little girl to large woman at paper towel dispenser: I didn’t get any, stupid fat lady! –Women’s restroom, Shea Stadium Overheard by: Robyn Z Art student: You ever seen a fat guy fall on a car? Like, the car just happened to be there? –Pratt Institute, Brooklyn Overheard by: TeN22