Jungian: Let’s be honest: everyone knows he has the personality of an air conditioner. –39th & Madison Overheard by: Emily Queer, looking at hordes of tourists: It’s times like this I wish I carried a taser. –33rd St Overheard by: jackattack Ghetto girl: He smell like a sanitation truck. You know how when a sanitation truck drives by and it just smells nasty? Yeah, he like 8 trucks in a row! –R train, 23rd St Overheard by: Sue Sarcastic hipster: Wow, that girl over there is a great artist. She did a fantastic job of drawing her eyebrows on her face. –Brooklyn bound L train College kid: Tourists are kinda like retards; I want to help, but I just never seem to. –44th & 5th Overheard by: David Guy on headset: I don’t want no broke ass bitches. She couldn’t even rub two crackers together. –Bleecker & Carmine Ghetto waitress: Ugh. Table 9 has had so much work done on her face. Too bad she still look busted. –Sarabeth’s East, 92nd & Madison Overheard by: Dan