CD vendor: Hey, baby, you like hip hop? C’mon, baby, it’s good. C’mon, I never shot nobody. Well, there was that one time, but baby, c’mon. –Outside Virgin Megastore, Times Square Security guard: Yeah, if some guy came in, I’d be the first one on the ground, screaming,”Oh shit, he got a gun!” I’d be screaming like a baby. –Grocery store, Astoria Man, excitedly holding up infant to the fence: Look, baby! It’s Ground Zero! –Ground Zero Overheard by: Rich Weksberg Guy: I feel shaken like a baby being taken care of by a British woman! –Chinatown bus Overheard by: CG Man on cell: Baby, butter that thang up ’cause I’m coming home. –E 65th & Central Park Guy: If I’m going to see pictures of someone pooping, I’d rather it be a baby…Or a kitten. –Port Authority Overheard by: B&T Bus Rider Woman to dog: You can’t go in there. You want to be on TV, baby? You want to be a big TV star? –ABC Building entrance, 66th & CPW Overheard by: ABC employee who’s not on tv