Ten-year-old: If I work on my claw skills, I will always be able to tell what time it is! –CVS, Lexington Ave Child tourist: There’s so many people. Don’t they have jobs? –Times Square Overheard by: rae Young boy: Were you sniffing my father? –Bronx Zoo Little girl: I can’t wait ’til I have my own psychic friend. –181st & Pinehurst Overheard by: Josh h Young boy: Mommy, I wanna go see the thongs. –Saks Overheard by: Butt Floss Young girl tourist, exiting taxi: Goodbye! I love you! More than all the other cabs! –Thompson & 3rd Overheard by: kerm and mere Little girl: You always make things up! You made this game up, you made the rules up, you even made me up! –19th Ave, Brooklyn