Student: Did Mohammed invent Arabic with the Koran? –Fordham University Overheard by: Krisztina Dude: Help me, Mr. Bloomberg. Please help me, Mr. Bloomberg. –Rivington & Bowery Overheard by: Miss V Girl: Fuckin’ Teddy Roosevelt. Who gives a shit about Teddy Roosevelt? –5th & 10th Tourist: I know Kenny Rogers. Doesn’t he make chicken? –Veniero’s, 11th St Overheard by: Caitlyn Biker: I heard George Bush was supposed to be here. Where the hell’s that bitch nigga at? –World Trade Center Professor: Madonna has the vulnerability of a cash register. –Fordham Overheard by: Jess McGins Girl on cell: She was definitely trying to get me mad. She’s like, “Yeah, people in L.A. hate New Yorkers.” And I’m like, “Are you saying this because I said your boyfriend looks like Chuck Norris?” –Astor Place Overheard by: Laura