Black guy on cell: Yea! Yea! He just called me up. I was like, "Yo, stop callin me up"… Yea!…. Yea my sister’s on crack! –Houston & Essex Overheard by: saywhat? Suit: Well, I’m a drug dealer, so I have a phone for each kind: a pot phone, a coke phone, you know… –R train Queer on cell: Oh my God. I left the check at home. I am such a fucking idiot. I am such a FUCKING idiot! Yeah, I’ll be there at six. Ok. I’ll bring you E and orange juice. –Bank of America, 6th Ave Overheard by: CarrieBoo Bum: Hey… can you spare me $20 dollars, so I can buy some crack cocaine? I mean, I’ll share it with you. I have enough for a 10 but I want a chicken head to slob on my knob while I take a hit… –96th St Subway Station 1,2,3 Overheard by: Franco Smooth talker: So my ex-girlfriend was a blonde Long Islander cokehead and now here I am with you. So you can see this is a real step down. –Les Enfants Terrible, Canal & Ludlow Overheard by: wants to meet the ex Hipster: You OD’d? WHERE? –14th & 6th Bitter ex: And fuck him and his fuckin’ wooden leg that I didn’t even know he sold crack out of! –80th & 3rd Disgusted hipster: I mean, I only do drugs as a joke! –14th St L station Overheard by: Em