Elderly shopkeeper in the pouring rain: Hey! Hey, amigo! When you go home, don’t take shower. You save money on bills. –Morgan & Flushing, Brooklyn Overheard by: Erin Partridge Hobo: Man, I need a hundred dollars. Gimme a hundred dollars! I need Viagra. –13th & University Overheard by: Daniel Shrewd negotiator: You don’t gimme da money, you not gonna get da baby. –Elevator, 26th & East River housing complex Hobo to girl: Bitch, I don’t want your money! Do I look like I want your money? I don’t think so. You go and walk on. Bitch all be thinking I need her money. Why don’t you go and spend it on yourself?! Those heels are about to break. [lowers voice] Bitch be all wearin’ cheap heels and handin’ me money. –50th & Park Overheard by: Sara Woman on cell: What?….Are you there??…We’ll take New York back, and you better give me my fucking money! –W Broadway & Chambers Overheard by: Let’s hope she was refering to Monopoly Suit on cell: It’s like, “No, homeless person, you can’t have a quarter, I need money for resume paper.” –Court & Joralemon Overheard by: elmer Girl, joining friend: Sorry I’m late. I just made $100 across the street. –Post office, 14th & A