Man: If you wanna have lunch, you’ve got to have lunch here, whether it’s Chinese or Subway. –Canal St Overheard by: Aahlixx Little boy: Does all Chinese food come from Chinatown? –Williamsburg Woman: It’s like listening to an Arab speaking Spanish talking about the Chinese. –W Train Overheard by: Bluto Tourist: The Chinese are notorious for blurring the line between pet and soup. –Chinatown Queen picking up delivery: Damn, I hate dealing with these Chinese people, they never be understanding English good! –Fordham dorms, Lincoln Center Overheard by: I don’t understand you either Ghetto guy: Sushi is real Chinese food. –23rd St & 8th Ave Overheard by: John Wu Hipster Chinese girl on cell: Americans have too much freedom. Yes, too much freedom. –52nd & Madison