Teen thug: You know, if you put’em on hot they dry faster. On hot the clothes dry faster. –Kingsland Ave & Jackson Ave., Willamsburg Overheard by: confabulation nation Hipster on cell: She thinks the entire world revolves around her. What is she, the sun? –Union Square Would-be physicist: Did you ever hear of magnetic repulsion? Because I swear to god that door has an eastern pole or something. –Walgreens Drugstore, Union Square Overheard by: kbot Guy: So, you’ve dissected cats before? –Lafayette & Centre St Overheard by: Janelle Loud chick: So I was looking on the Internet to learn more about our planet and biodiversity and shit, and there’s like five more extinctions supposed to happen! You know, like the dinosaurs and shit! –Ray’s Pizza, E Houston Overheard by: just visiting! Soccer mom: He has had some really hard social studies stuff… Like why the seasons change and the how the earth moves around the sun. –Warren Fields, Murray & West Side Highway Overheard by: Soccer Nanny