Girl: Someone just needs to push him off the gay cliff, ‘cuz he’s not jumpin! –Varick &Vandam Ghetto girl: I seen Whoopie Goldberg’s daughter! She a lesbian, light-skinned, and she bad! –9th Ave & 16th St Overheard by: david hyman Darrell Hammond: It’s only queer if you’re on the bottom. –Fordham Overheard by: Jess McGins Angry man on cell: This is exactly why I don’t date bisexual guys! –3rd Ave & 9th St Girl on cell: I still don’t get why you dumped him. Just ’cause you’re a lesbian and he’s got that thing for unicorns doesn’t mean you wouldn’t have been cute together. –2nd & A Thug: So I was eating that bitch out, and yo, yo, she told me that she was a lez…A lesbian yo! A lesbian! –Manhattan Ave & 103rd St Overheard by: Carol – walking slowly so as to hear the rest Queer: My friend Carol has been dating gay guys for years and fails to realize it until it’s too late! –Jamaica Ave and 150th St Overheard by: Rodney-Rod