Hipster girl: I don’t want to do that to my vagina! I want my vagina to smell like va-gi-na! Who would do that to their vagina? –St. Mark’s Place Overheard by: Edward Dandelions Crazy ranting dreddy guy: Respect the vagina! –St. Marks & 2nd Hipster Girl: After sex with him, I like, hydrogen peroxided my vagina. –1st Ave & 9th St Angry man on cell: No, we weren’t fighting last night, I ate your pussy! –C Train Overheard by: Ada Girl: So he was like, ‘How was your vacation’ and I was like, ‘My vagina’s sore.’ –Coffee Shop, Union Square Guy on cell: Put your head between your legs and suck your twat. –19th St Overheard by: Gross Boyfriend to girlfriend: Wait, that’s the vajayjay? –Bodies Exhibit, South Street Seaport