Straight guy: I need to change my hair. Four out of five girls with that bachelorette party last night thought I was gay. –LIRR Overheard by: Phil Guy: Listen, it’s not hair replacement. It’s a system. –Sterling & 7th, Park Slope Overheard by: A White Bear White guy: Yeah, and I ripped out her weave.. it was awesome! –14th & 5th Overheard by: Amelia D Hobo: All Democrats must have pink hair, by mandate of the homeless Republican! –12th & 6th Overheard by: theNJl Ghetto girl: She wanted to charge me $400 for my hair. She was gonna charge me by the pound! Who charges for hair by the pound? I could get my homegirl to do it for $20. Never buy your hair from someone in the ‘hood! –5 train, 125th St Overheard by: La Liz Bald queer: Oh, now I have to do my hair again. It’s so difficult to keep my hands out of it! –Elevator, 1250 Broadway