Guy on cell: Yeah, I just caught Kev with a joint and I flipped out on him and took it to destroy it. Yeah, I was an idiot though. I tried to burn it. –Bay Parkway & 86 St Overheard by: Ben Guy: He would be no good on a deserted island. I wouldn’t eat him. He would just be thrown in the fire. –Union Square East Guy: My sprinkler growing up was a fire hydrant. –Tompkins Square Overheard by: Lila J Woman: Either there’s a building on fire or a whole lot of marijuana. –3rd Ave & 10th St Little girl: Mommy, do even tiny peppers burn your asshole on the way out? –Taco Bell, 6th Ave Cop to sad-faced mime: You can do anything you want, you just can’t have anything on fire. –South Street Seaport Overheard by: futurebird Ghetto girl, looking at burning car: That one angry bitch. –103rd St & CPW Overheard by: Little Match Girl