20-year-old woman: Well, I never thought I’d be attracted to an 18-year-old, but here I am. –Royal Indian Restaurant, 1st Ave Overheard by: Judge NYU girl: Yeah, nothing gets me off like a bunch of fat 11-year-olds. –Hayden Hall Southern preppy to hipster chick: Not everyone’s a sex offender! –2nd St & 2nd Ave Overheard by: katie Woman on cell: But right now a 16-year-old is going down on my boyfriend! –MacDougal & 4th St Guy, not distributing newspapers: Metro, the paper of the pedophiles. The pedophile’s paper. Take a Metro and think about the child you’re helping molest. –L train, 6th Ave Overheard by: MLK Teen thug: Man, if I was 18, I would pound that! –5th Ave & 9th St, Park Slope Girl on cell: That’s not the worse part. He actually had the nerve to say that I give blowjobs like a fucking 12-year-old! Then I was all like hello, I’m 13! –Central Park Overheard by: poppin fresh