Latino guy: Can I have a baggy dog? –Roosevelt Ave, Queens Overheard by: petilipois Professor: And here this writer will be reading from her first novel Doggy Style, which is probably about taking your dogs out and meeting other people in the city. –Hunter College, creative writing classroom Overheard by: Brownsvillegirl Woman: Excuse me, I have to put my hand up my dog’s ass. –Columbus & 67th St Girl: I can never visualize people’s faces. Like my mom. I know she has nice cheekbones, so I try and visualize her cheekbones. But then she just turns into this weird cat. — Diner, 10th Ave Woman: Cats are bitches! They think they’re better than you. I hate cats. –89th St & Broadway Overheard by: righteous queen Man, singing to daughter in stroller: 11 puppies, 11 puppies, we’re searching for… 24 puppies! –Sheridan Square Overheard by: thaler Teen girl: Your cat has gotten high before me! –8th St & 4th Ave Hipster girl: The kittens got on the stove and turned the gas on. I got home and it was like Fight Club but with kittens. I’ll probably give them away to the ASPCA or to suckers like you. –L train Overheard by: Philip