Man: When I look up at all these buildings and I think about the people who live in them, I only have one question: Where do they all barbeque? –Times Square Overheard by: Susan Elliott Guy: James Blunt is my homie. He gets me laid, on occasion. –Men’ s room, MTV Time Square office. Overheard by: najork Woman: Oooh, now we’re in the other Times Square — the one with all the lights and stuff. –Times Square shuttle Overheard by: notrob Local: Now, the Manhattan Bridge is just a block or two that way. –Times Square Overheard by: A tourist that ISN’T stupid Conductor: Because of construction, the N train will be running on the N line. –Times Square Overheard by: Mars the Infomage Woman: Coming here is like going to a dirt Disneyland. –Time Square European tourist: This Time Square… Does it… Does it… Exist? –42nd St & 7th Ave