Girl: Her baby was premature, and she already has health problems. She only has one liver. –Puck Fair, Lafayette St Girl: A human baby takes seven or eight weeks to look adorable. A puppy is cute right away. –31st Ave & 44th St, Queens Overheard by: Jake Guy: Where is that crying baby coming from? It better not be in that trash can. –18th St & 5th Ave Woman on cell in bathroom stall: Well, shit, I wouldn’t had his baby if I’d known he was on drugs! Hang on… No, I’m in da bafroom. Da bafroom! Ok, later. –Bathroom in office building, 51st St & 7th Ave Overheard by: I’m using the one downstairs from now on… Guy on cell: I wish the baby could go back into your stomach. –Columbus Circle train station Teen thug girl holding the Click DVD: Wait, we’re buying this and not baby food? –Lincoln Park Overheard by: WTF